Hello BIMfans,
As I wrote in the Prologue, the idea for There’s No BIM Like Home was born when my wife and I were buying our first house. During this purchase, I quickly realized that we were given an awful lot of paperwork to manage but no way to manage it.

The Master File
I’d have been in real trouble if this went missing, but no longer!

As a Chartered Architectural Technologist who specializes in information management using Building Information Modelling (BIM), I set out to produce and manage an information model of Tŷ Crempog.  The aim was to collect enough information to satisfy the Model Purposes I had identified:

  • Register
  • Operations
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Replacements

To ensure these purposes where met, I undertook both verification and validation activities of the information I produced.

Verification:  Verification came from two sources. Principally from you, the readers, who would spot errors and inconsistencies (thank you, and keep those corrections coming). In addition, a key verification milestone was when John Ford took my COBie and verified it using the COBie QC Reporter.

Validation:  Validation on other hand came from my physical testing of this information, which I do on a daily basis, showing that Size Doesn’t Matter when it comes to BIM. I also validated information when it could be used to answer a Plain Language Question.

During this journey I’ve answered these all of these questions, having produced over 60 blog posts, which have had over 50000 unique views in 130 different countries. With these views came recognition in the form of positive reviews from you, the readers, as well as Testimonials from key BIM professionals such as Nick Nisbet and David Philp.

Wow, thank you guys so much!! I’m sure VPNs had no influence on this whatsoever…

However, the work of There’s No BIM Like Home is far from over.

The most popular blog posts I’ve written is BIM Explainer, my plain language post; telling me that there are still issues around BIM education and communication. In addition, my other popular posts have been related to the practical application of standards such as:

Showing that there is a real appetite for practical demonstrations that show how these standards, methods, and procedures can be applied. As such, I plan to maintain the posts on this blog to ensure they align with industry developments and reflect good practice; for example, when ISO 19650-1 and ISO 19650-2 are published, when other standards are updated, or when new technologies are available.

So, please continue to visit this blog to keep up-to-date with good practice standards, methods, and procedures related to the use of information management using Building Information Modelling (BIM). Remember, while there may be some great mega-projects out there, There’s No BIM Like Home.


Note:  If you have any comments regarding my epilogue or want to let me know your thoughts about this blog, then please let me know either on Twitter or by commenting below.

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