Hi, I’m Dan Rossiter MCIAT, and welcome to my award-winning blog.

In October 2015 my wife and I moved into our first home. When we did, I was amazed by how unstructured all the information about our home was. So to make sense of all of this information, I formed a plan. Using Building Information Modelling I have managed to produce an information model of our home, filled with all the information we were given but in a much more useable format.

Creating this information model full of structured information has provided me with several benefits. By following the BIM Level 2 process, I now have several graphical models, COBie files, and PDF documentation about my home I can use to help inform any management decision. Thanks to my information model, I can manage my home quicker, safer and easier than ever before.

Each of these files has been developed to meet my specific needs to manage my home, compliant with relevant good practice, national, European and international standards for producing information. All of which are downloadable for free from the ‘BIM Level 2 Outputs’ menu tab above.

If you want to know why I did all this; read my Prologue.