logoHi, I’m Dan Rossiter MCIAT, and welcome to my award-winning blog “There’s No BIM Like Home“.

In 2015 I bought my first home, Tŷ Digidol. When I did, I was amazed at just how unstructured the information I received was. To make sense of it all, and structure it into a more usable format, I decided to apply Information Management using Building Information Modelling (BIM).

By doing so, I have produced a digital twin of my home using a federated information model.  This federated information model consists of structured information; supporting day-to-day decisions about my home and making its management quicker, safer and easier than ever before.

To produce this information, I adopted the mantra “Simplicity through Standardization”, relying on relevant good practice, National, European and International standards where possible.  To maximize their usefulness, I’ve centred the use these standards around the concepts and principles of ISO 19650.

If you want to understand why I did all this, then please start by reading my Prologue.