PLQ1.1 – Model Purposes

Hello BIM fans,
Before I finish forming a brief I need to work out what information I want to capture within my information model.  With access to so much information, it would be very easy for me to add too much detail (graphically or non-graphically) into my model which frankly I would never use, and could turn it into a bit of a lemon.

I’d rather not have to make digital lemonade…

So to work out what information I need, I need to outline my model purposes; which will also allow me to satisfy my first Plain Language Question:

1.1 Have the model purposes been defined?

Defining these model purposes may be THE most important question that I will ask myself on this blog.

To determine what information should be produced, I need to use something as a basis. For this, (despite being VERY outdated) I chose to use BS 1192-4.  While principally focused on COBie, BS 1192-4 states that an employer should outline what purposes delivered information will be used for.  So going through each one, I have come up with the following model purposes I intend to use my information model for:

  • Register (5.2.2)
    The information model will be used to capture components in my house that I intend to manage.
  • Operations (5.4.3)
    I currently don’t plan to use the information model for day-to-day operation, but I will aim to monitor my house’s running costs and will use the information I collect to undertake a self-assessed SAP calculation following any changes I make to the house (because I can).
  • Maintenance and Repair (5.4.4)
    Replacements (5.4.5)
    This information model will be used to capture information to manage any repair and maintenance or (more likely) when I need to replace something.

It is unlikely that my information model will be used for the other purposes outlined within BS 1192-4 so I will exclude these.

And there we have it.  I will be using my information model to manage what I have in my house when they need to be repaired or replaced, and potentially enough information to allow me to model my operational costs and to be used for a SAP calculation.  Leaving me with the following Model purposes:

Proposed Model Purposes:

  • Registration
  • Operation
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Replacement

This means that I now have a clear direction in how I want to produce my information model.  PLQ1.1 Complete!

1.1 Have the model purposes been defined?
1.2 Are there any specific data requirements to achieve these purposes?
1.3 What format shall the information be delivered in?
1.4 What standards will be followed?
1.5 What level of accuracy/detail/development is required?
1.6 Is there sufficient information to produce an EIR?

Now that I know what purposes I want to use my information model for, I need to also outline specific Property Data Requirements of these Model Purposes to satisfy PLQ1.2…

Note:  If you have any comments regarding my proposed model purposes, then please let me know either on Twitter, or by commenting below.

5 thoughts on “PLQ1.1 – Model Purposes

  1. A little suggestion on limiting too early. For BIM to survive it must serve all phases for all disciplines. I would not forego the benefits of design and construction to get to facilities management. Who is to say you might not want to design and build your next home.

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    • Hi Leonard, yes you are right that it should not be limited for all instances and of course the scope would be opened in the future if I was to design an extension. However, as there is no plan to do so, I am directing myself to produce only the data I will actually use.

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