PLQ1.6 – EIR

Hello BIMfans,

After completing my review of what Levels of Definition I will require last week, I am now going to see if I have enough information to draft my Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR).   So what are the Employer’s Information Requirements?  Well according to the BRE BIM Terminology tool, an EIR is a:

Pre-tender document setting out the information to be delivered, and the standards and processes to be adopted by the supplier as part of the project delivery process

In addition, PAS1192-2 states that the requirements within the EIR should only contain enough SMART requirements to satisfy the Employer Decision Point aligned  Plain Language Questions.

Note:  It is worth saying that there are strictly 3 feeder documents for the EIR:  Plain Language Questions (PLQs) which I have, as well as the Organisational Information Requirements (OIR), and the Asset Information Requirements (AIR), which I don’t.  As a one man client it felt a little over the top, so any Organisational or Asset requirements have instead gone straight into my EIR.  If you want to know more about these documents, have a look at PAS1192-3, figure 4, and ISO55000 series.

So what requirements do I need to satisfy my  Model Generation questions?

2.1 What existing information is available?
I already have a lot of information about my house including a number of condition reports (see prologue) that I will want included as past of my asset information.  Luckily, I have already specified how I want this data formatted when I wrote my data requirements, so I will need to ensure that my EIR states the need to include this information.

2.2 Is there sufficient information to produce a BEP?
Before any information is produced I’ll need a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) in line with PAS1192-2.  The BIM Execution Plan has it’s own requirements that I’ll discuss when I produce it, so for my EIR I’ll also need to specify anything in particular I want within BEP, including confirmation of who is undertaking particular information management roles, how various elements will be managed, and what information will I be receiving.

2.3 What is the layout of the house?
To capture the layout of my house I will need to ensure that it is developed with an agreed coordination point in mind.  In addition, I want it to be delivered in .pdf, named and layered to suit the BS1192 naming conventions, room numbers to BSENISO4157-2, and the use of standard symbology found in BS8541-2.

2.4 What assets are contained within?
To know what assets I have within my home I will expect a COBie-UK deliverable which includes this information, meaning that the objects will need their property information to comply with BS1192-4 requirements, and be named to BS8541-1.  While developing this information model I will also need confirmed how the models will be segregated, if at all.

2.5 What asset information can be linked to the graphical model?
Luckily I have already specified what information I will need within my assets when I wrote my data requirements so that I have enough information to undertake my model purposes during it’s operation and maintenance.  So I will need to specify that I want this information included in my information model.

In addition. To receive this information I will need to know how this information will be exchanged, that it has undergone a sufficient level of rigour in its development and approval, and that it is formatted to suit the software and hardware that I have.

So with this in mind it seems I have all the information I need to produce my Employer’s Information Requirements. Using PAS1192-2 and the BIM Task Group’s EIR guidance document as a basis, I have now populated a draft set of Employer’s Information Requirements which can be accessed here:


EIR Front
The EIR can be accessed here

I hope that some of you may review this document and pass comment before it is formally signed off as the EIR I will use for my house next week.  Until then I won’t consider this PLQ complete.

1.1 Have the purposes of the model been defined?
1.2 Are there any specific data requirements to achieve these purposes?
1.3 What format shall the information be delivered in?
1.4 What standards will be followed?
1.5 What level of accuracy/detail/development is required?
1.6 Is there sufficient information to produce an EIR?

Now that I have drafted my EIR I need to check how fit for purpose it is, so let’s ask a few Designers; but first I want to talk about my Smart Home

Note:  If you have any comments or opinions regarding my Employer’s Information Requirements, please let me know either on twitter, or commenting below.

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