2017 – The Year of the Conferences

Hello BIMfans,
This is a special update to inform you how There’s No BIM Like Home has faired making its conference debut at both Ecobuild and BIM Prospects this year.

You never know, There’s No BIM Like Home could be at a conference near you…

Ecobuild 2017

At Ecobuild, I spoke on the BRE Academy‘s stage about There’s No BIM Like Home and my adventure through applying the BIM Level 2 process.  In this presentation, my main focus was the challenges in producing an information model of my home, and the benefits it now gives me.  I’m pleased to say that the presentation was very popular (as you can see from the tweet below), with a myriad of questions afterward, and kind requests from both PBC Today and CIBSE Journal to feature the blog.  In fact, the PBC Today article based on the presentation, Using BIM on Smaller-Scale Projects is Possible, is already available!



The core part of this presentation was how I compared traditional repair and replacement activities in my home to a ‘BIM-enabled’ approach.  Explaining how I could save time and effort in completing the same tasks, like changing a lightbulb.  Afterward, several people contacted me with their own anecdotes where they have seen the exact inefficiencies I described in action at offices as well as at hotels, hospitals, and schools.




NOTE: A copy of my presentation from Ecobuild can be found here.

BIM Prospects 2017

Following the success of Ecobuild, BRE asked me to present, but this time at BIM Prospects on manufacturer’s information.  Initially, I was concerned that the topic might not be a good fit (after all I’m an Architectural Technologist, not a product manufacturer) but after some reflection realized that I have a good story to tell around creating my non-graphical information, which is full of manufacturer’s information being used to manage my home.


My main focus was on my blog post Object Library Wars, where I compared manufacturers objects on three portals: National BIM Library, BIM Store, and BIM Objects against the BS 8541 national standards as well as my own defined methods within my BIM Execution Plan.  The presentation proved popular with several people taking notice of my tiny file sizes, plain language, and practical implementation of the BIM Level 2 standards.





NOTE: A copy of my presentation from BIM Prospects can be found here.

And there we have it.  The debut of this blog at two major conferences has been a great success, showing that even a two-up, two-down in South Wales has the potential to be just as smart as any central government asset.  The popularity of these presentations just goes to show; when it comes to information management There’s No BIM Like Home.

NOTE:  If you want to see There’s No BIM Like Home and a conference or event near you, just let me now by contacting me or on Twitter.

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