2016 – The Year of the House

Hello BIMfans,
Welcome to the final post of 2016.

This year has been huge for There’s No BIM Like Home.  The blog only started back in March, and has already got 42 blog posts, and has achieved the goal of delivering a full set of BIM Level 2 deliverables before Christmas this year.

What I am most proud of (apart from being able to check my light bulb fittings from my phone), is how small my IFC files are.  With many forums stating that IFC files can be 2-5 times larger than the native model file, mine have come out around 5MB less which ranging from a 50% decrease to just over 90%!  See for yourself below.  This is due to the fact, that I have used my Property Definition File to strip out all of the excess properties and only exchange what I need.

As Dewey Oxburger Said:  I’m a lean, mean, IFC Machine

There’s No BIM Like Home was started as a challenge I set to myself, as someone who writes, educates, advises, researches, and audits BIM Level 2; I wanted to show myself that I can practice what I preach.  As a Chartered Architectural Technologist, I have delivered a number of projects, but none were sufficiently BIM mature before I joined BRE. I feel that this blog has allowed me to do just that, and the support has been incredible.

This is either an image of all the countries that have viewed this blog, or a very boring game of Risk.  Anyone want to help me fill the gaps??

At the time of writing this post (23/12/2016), the blog has been viewed in over 101 different countries, my Google Drive has been accessed over 800 times, my posts have been seen by over 7300 unique visitors, and my posts and pages have been viewed over 15,000 times!!

8-bit-trophy-gaming-news-roundupThe prize for the most viewed blog post goes to:  The BIM Explainer with over 1500 views alone!

And the wooden spoon going to my least viewed page, Testimonials with 34 views (Well it is blank after all!).

Well not for long…

I have gotten lots of support through this year, so a big thank you to anyone that has supported by sharing, commenting, or contributing (You know who you are!).  However, one person in particular has been especially supportive.  Nick Nisbet Director of AEC3 and Vice-chair of buildingSMART UK & Ireland is not only an author of some of the standards I have discussed; but has also been an avid reader who has been keen to comment and pass on useful insights where possible.  So I wanted to give Nick a special thank you.

In return, Nick has kindly written me my first Testimonials, which is also very in-keeping with the tone of the blog.  Feel free to send your own testimonials in too; *wink cough*.

Nick Nisbet
nisbetDirector, AEC3
Vice-chair, buildingsmart UK & Ireland
Co-author of COBie, BS1192:2007 and BS1192-4
“Avoiding all stereotypes, Dan’s Welshness hasn’t stopped him to bring calm clarity and purposefulness to show that the standards not only make sense but work!”

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

So what will 2017 bring for There’s No BIM Like Home?  Well the first major change is that blog posts will no longer be weekly.

After much consideration, now that my information model is complete I cannot keep the same pace going without it affecting the quality of what is produced (or the happiness of my fiancee!).  As such the blog will aim to post less frequently (monthly-ish?) to complete my remaining operational Plain Language Questions, as well as following the installation of any new Smart Products, minor works that trigger an update to the information model as per my Employer’s Information Requirements, as well as a few planned revisions of previous posts.  I’m really enjoying blogging about my home, so I hope you continue to follow me on this journey.

And there we have it, with 2016 coming to a close, there is a whole world of adventures waiting for Ty Crempog in 2017.  Just remember that no matter where you are, There’s No BIM Like Home.

3 thoughts on “2016 – The Year of the House

  1. Great work Dan, these kind of practical examples and blogs are essential for helping industry move closer to Level 2. The fact you’ve done this work out of hours and ‘for the love’ is commendable.

    Keep blogging!


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