PLQ2.5 – M&E Review

Hello BIMfans,
After releasing my Architectural model last week for review, this week it is time for me to release both my Mechanical model and Electrical model; completing the set of deliverables I aim to produce for my home from my Information model.  I have already had a few comments come in about my Architectural model, so please keep those comments coming in (be as pedantic as you like, honestly)!

Why is my house now transparent (maybe because all the clubs have been closed down or too much fighting on the dance floor)?

Much like last week because in my BIM Execution Plan I am: Author, Checker, and Approver of all the project information, I am recruiting you to review this information on my behalf.  As with my Architectural model, there will be a fortnight given for any comments that come out of this review so that I can update the information before it is formally released. The first person who suggests each amendment will be credited on here when the information is authorized and considered complete.  Think of yourselves as the Task Information Managers for my project.

Yes it’s the same image from last, yes that seems a little lazy, yes I don’t care.

I will cover these in greater detail next week, but here are some of the comments I have already had back.

Volume Code:

I was correctly informed that I should be using ZZ instead of XX for my volume code, as specified in BS1192. so I have preemptively addressed this in my Mechanical and Electrical models, and revised my BIM Execution Plan.


I was asked why I don’t clean or maintain my house as my job sheet is blank.  As Revit cannot record these jobs, I’d need another database. I will create this schedule when I begin to look at my Operational Plain Language Questions in the new year.

Maybe I can use it as an excuse to get a Roomba


I have also been asked why there are no designers risk assessments linked to my COBie documents tab.  Luckily for me, I have done no design on this project (and have no PI insurance to back it up!) so there are no risk assessments as a result.

In accordance with my Employer’s Information Requirements, and BIM Execution Plan I intend to issue the following information:

Graphical Models

Non-Graphical Data


  • None

So please go forth, review, and report back.  As I mentioned last week, these models aren’t perfect, and my terrible spelling with have caused typo’s throughout; so there will be plenty to find (I won’t be crediting typos; there is only so much space I can give to a blog post).

As with last week, the purpose of the native models have been purely to create the other deliverables so it is OK if that is a little rough around the edges.  For context, from the Native Models I have produced the drawings listed above as well as my FM handover IFC model which was then used to generate my COBie deliverables. Note:  For transparency, I have marked all of the modified fields in my COBie as red. What is important is the quality of the deliverables.

Also now that I have multiple models, feel free to run some clash detection too.  No, not that clash…

And there we have it, subject to your scrutiny I have now completed the deliverables associated to my Mechanical model and Electrical model.  This means that once these items have been approved and authorized, I will have completed PLQ2.5 for my all of my information!

Model Generation:
2.1 What existing information is available?
2.2 Is there sufficient information to produce a BEP?
2.3 What is the layout of the house?
2.4 What assets are contained within?
2.5 What asset information can be linked to the graphical model?

Now that I have the Mechanical and Electrical information out for review, let’s release my Architectural information…

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