is Evolving

Hello BIMfans,
I have a special announcement I want to share with all of you.

Since staring this blog just over six months ago (if you want to read the reason why I started it, here is the prologue), I have published 27 posts and gotten over 3,400 unique visitors. I have been blown away by it’s popularity, so enthused by the support I am getting, I have decided to improve and expand the blog.

evolving, the blog Pokemon.  Updated Monday’s this blog attempts humour through cult references and self-deprecation; it’s not very effective.

New Theme

You may have noticed that the blog has gotten a face-lift.  Instead of the previous theme Franklin, I am now using Nucleare a free WordPress theme by CrestaProject.  This theme is gorgeous, and gives the site the exact feel I am looking for.

New Menu

I have restructured the blog menu.  Under the ‘About‘ section, there is a new page dedicated to Testimonials that I will be populating shortly (feel free to submit, wink wink).  I addition I have the following new sections:

  • Documents, dedicated to help visitors find documents I have created such as my House’s Employer’s Information Requirements & BIM Execution Plan;
  • Engagement, dedicated to interactive content, first on the list are some stereo panoramas like this one of my living room, this heading will also include my published models, and I have a few more ideas currently brewing too;
  • Discussion, dedicated to future opinion posts with historic ones being transferred over too from other sites such as The Great British BIM Off from last year; and
  • Smart Homes, a new blog stream I am particularly excited about.

New Direction

Before Christmas I will have completed the blogs’s original purpose by having completed and documented the creation of an information model about my home capable of producing BIM Level 2 compliant deliverables.  However, I feel that while I document some operational elements there is more value this blog can bring.  As such, I will also starting posting ‘Smart Home‘ related blogs.

As you know, I already have a number of smart products in my home including:

In a few weeks I will have done a full 12 month cycle with my Nest Thermostat; from that moment I plan to post reviews of my existing smart products as well as others I will be acquiring.  These won’t just be simple reviews, as I also plan to discuss how I have represented them in my information model, and what data I need to capture about each of them; showing the relationship between BIM, IoT, Smart Homes, and 3D Modelling.

Note:  Please feel free to let me know of any products you think I should get for my home.  A few of you have already tweeted me about Amazon Echo (I’m actually going to wait for Google Home), but if you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  Or if you have a product you think i’ll be interested in, send me a tweet, wink wink.

So there we have it, my grand plans for the future.  I hope you will continue to support

“One man’s dream to BIM & IoT his Smart home”

Because despite all of the incredible intelligence we put into our projects; in reality, There’s no BIM like home.

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